Segóbriga Park

Segóbriga Park is on the peak of the San Blas Mountain. It is a water-theme park that transports us back to an imaginary world from the past, a splendid way for amusing children while their parents relax.

Enormous mushroom showers, frog slides, walls and passageways, tubes plunging down from the wall to a swimming pool, or is it a lake?

Children play unceasingly as always, while parents can have a soak in the Jacuzzi, or relax in the bar terrace overlooking the swimming pools and the Sierra Calderona Nature Park.

Grass and parasols, water, children, sunshine and shade…. the essence of summer.

Water as fun, or as an adventure: everything fits in the mind of a child, bursting energy in an almost miraculous nonstop.

All the complex facilities are themed in medieval times, recalling the city’s architecture. Strolling around the walls children and adults will be delighted during the summertime by slides, Jacuzzis, waterfalls and fresh water channels.