The Compassien House and the Hospital

  • It is a building made in 1786 with ashlars from the rundown palace-castle of the king Martín el Humano –“The Human”- and the prince Enrique de Fortuna.
  • The old Compassion House, the Franciscan Monastery which has a Gothic chapel.
  • Founded by the bishop Aguilar.
  • Built at the end of the 18th century using the remains of the demolition of the ancient Castle-Fortress of Segorbe.
  • First use as a “Compassion House and Hospital”.
  • Heavy external shape lighted by a curious central cloister with two floors and a typical neoclassical decorative simplicity.
  • Massive dimensions.
  • Built thanks to the bishop Gómez de Ahedo.
  • Beginning of the works in 1786 under the orders of Mauro Mínguez, the author of the maps, valencian architect that also took part on the construction of the Cathedral.
  • Rectangular building, whose rooms are distributed around the internal Cloister.
  • The first floor was made by masonry.
  • A frieze surrounds all the building.
  • In a corner raises a tower ending in a escurialense