The gastronomy of Segorbe reflects the agricultural and livestock farming activities in the region. Homemade sausages and cured hams are excellent. The Mediterranean character of the people of Segorbe gives rise to a cultivated and elaborated cuisine, such as «olla segorbina» (local stew), «arroz empedrao» (rice with beans), «arroz al horno» (rice cooked in the oven) and «puchero segorbino» (stew). Special mention should be made to the splendid olive oil, essential ingredient in the typical salads of tomato, lettuce, olives and onions. Arab influence can still be seen in the exquisite pastries such as «tortas» topped with red pepper, apple pies, sweet potato pies, anise rolls, including the juicy fruits from its fertile lands: Sharron fruit, meddlers and cherries, among others.
The Handmade Ham and Sausage Festival organised by the Segorbe Handmade Sausage and Ham Association during the Week of Bulls is eagerly awaited. Thousands of visitors attracted to the city in September have a chance to taste delicious local products.
Another essential gastronomic event which invites us to enjoy the flavours of autumn is the Gastronomic Mushroom Fair.