Olive Oil Museum

– Schedule: Monday from 11:00 to 14h. From Tuesday to Saturday, mornings: from 11 to 14 hours, evenings: from 16:30 to 18:30 hours, Sunday and festivity days from 11:00 to 14:00 hours. ***From 14 to 17 and from 21 to 24 January closed***
– Price: Individual entrance: 2€. Groups and retired persons: 1€
Telephone: 964 71 20 45

The old olive oil mill of the Belluga building houses the Olive Oil Museum of Segorbe. This innovative Interpretation Centre offers visitors the opportunity to discover the olive culture and to enter the world of the precious liquid gold in an encounter with the essence of the Mediterranean over 7,000 years old.
Through interactive audiovisual systems, the exhibition of machinery and tools used for the different works recreates the traditional elaboration process of olive oil and its evolution throughout history.
The Olive Oil Museum of Segorbe shows a world of yellow, green and ochre impressions, flowing over walls of light among stories of people in which olive oil represents the essence of wisdom.
To enter the world of olive oil is a great experience; but it is also a necessity for gourmets.
As food is essentially important for health, the Mediterranean diet based on olive oil has been considered miraculous by the most distinguished specialists.
To end the tour, tribute is made to a majestic olive tree, the «Morruda», while its more than a thousand-year history intertwines with the history of Segorbe.