Segorbe keeps alive a rich tradition of craftwork, including its renowned crafted cane workshops and potteries.

Since early 20th century, pottery has been a way of life in Segorbe. In the old days, about sixteen potters worked in the area, dedicated to the production of home ware, pitchers, drinking jugs, jars, flower pots and tubs, among others.

Handmade walking sticks are another outstanding craftwork in the city. Traditionally, they were made out of hackberry tree wood. Nowadays, fine woods are used instead, such as chestnut, beech, bamboo, rush and ebony. Walking sticks adopt many shapes, from the typical «garrote» to more sophisticated models with carved handles.

The manual ability of an artisan, his originality and creativity has a reflection on the product and give it specific and unique features. It is a beautiful commercial attraction for travellers visiting the city.